How to Avoid Phishing

4 Tips to Bolster Your Business Against Phishing Attacks

Among the various forms of cyber-attack, phishing – a scamming method that tricks users into clicking on an unsafe link or giving away sensitive information that hackers can use to access important accounts or compromise data – repeatedly reigns as a top technique

Recent research revealed that 45 per cent of UK organisations have experienced a phishing attack in the past two years. This common scare can wreak financial and reputational havoc on any company, regardless of size or industry and expose not just your data, but data relating to your customers. With this in mind, it’s vital for any moving and self-storage businesses to have robust cyber-security measures in place to help prevent phishing attacks. 

Here are our four top tips on how to bolster your business against phishing attacks:

1. Promote staff awareness

The majority of cyber-attacks require human interaction to be successful. This highlights that although an organisation’s employees can be its biggest asset, they also have the potential to be its biggest risk. Utilise an effective training programme to that teaches your employees how to recognise and report phishing attacks. Download our infographic guide here ››

2. Implement proper protection software

Install anti virus and malware protection on all organisational devices and conduct routine software updates.

3. Filter company emails

Ensure your company’s email server has security features in place to filter emails from potentially malicious senders into the spam folder.

4. Establish a cyber-incident response plan

Ensuring your organisation has a robust cyber-incident continuity and response plan will help to limit the damages of a phishing attack. Review and test this plan regularly with your employees. Download our Cyber Continuity and Incident Response Plan Toolkit ››

Watch our short video for guidance on how to prevent phishing attacks in the workplace…

Cyber-continuity & Incident Response Plan Toolkit

Learn how to create a response plan to help you meet the demands of data protection laws (GDPR) and ensure overall business continuity.

As cyber-attack trends and techniques continue to evolve, so should your cyber-insurance policy. Purchasing cyber-cover is the only way to ensure the ultimate protection against a costly data breach.


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