Cyber attack risk

Are UK movers and storers at risk of cyber-crime?

With the recent news about the Dark Overlord hacker stealing 9/11 insurance files in return for Bitcoin, and Marriott International’s Starwood division having its guest database hacked (implicating 500 million guests’ records), it’s clear that cyber-crime is still a very real threat.

65,000 cyber-attacks are attempted every day

In 2018, global insurance company Hiscox reported that UK small businesses are the target of 65,000 attempted cyber-attacks per day. Almost one in three had a breach in 2017 – one every 19 seconds – costing them £25,700 on average in ransoms and replacing hardware.

Only 35% of small businesses took action to protect themselves after a cyber incident, with 44% suffering further attacks. Ignoring the lessons makes you vulnerable to further attack.

Cyber-attacks are quick, efficient and impossible to stop once they’ve started

Hiscox teamed up with bike manufacturer Brompton to show just how damaging a cyber-attack can be, with a real-world simulation. To the surprise of Brompton staff, actors set up a clone shop opposite theirs, calling it 3R0MPTON Junction and employing look-a-like staff.

Watch the video below to see how the actors brought to life common hacking techniques like ransomware, phishing and denial-of-service attack, leaving the real staff at a complete loss.

Protect your business with Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber-crime is a very real possibility in today’s business world. You’ve spent years building your business’s reputation, so don’t let it be shattered with just a click of a hacker’s mouse. Cyber Liability Insurance protects your reputation in the event that your system is hacked.

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