Driving to Europe after Brexit? Make sure you have a Green Card

The UK is set to leave the European Union on 29 March, and if it does so without a withdrawal agreement in place drivers of UK-registered vehicles will need to ensure they carry a Green Card while driving in the EU, the European Economic Area (EEA) and other countries from 28 March 2019.

An agreement between UK and European insurance authorities was struck in May 2018 to waive the need for green cards in the event of a no-deal Brexit – but the agreement has not yet been passed into law by the European Commission, the arm of the EU responsible for proposing legislation. In a press release on 17 January, the Association of British Insurers said there was “no sign” it will be approved by the time we’re set to leave the EU and has issued guidance for businesses and motorists driving in the EU and EEA in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Read the ABI’s guidance on Green Cards here ››

Green Cards will be required under EU regulations as proof of insurance if there was no-deal. Those who travel without one may be breaking the law. This applies to any freight company planning to transport goods into the EU after 29 March. All commercial trailers weighing over 750kg and non-commercial trailers weighing over 3,500kg must also be registered with the DVLA before travel to or through most EU and EEA countries and a separate Green Card will be required for these.

We have started to issue green cards to all Reason Global clients with renewals and your usual Reason Global representative will be available to provide further advice and guidance as required.

For further details, AIG have issued a handy FAQs guide on Green Cards ››