Winter Freeze Checklist for Movers & Storers

Of all the seasons, winter requires extra efforts from businesses to take care and be more prepared. Cold winds, frost, sub-zero temperatures, ice and snow can all threaten disruption to travel, sudden deterioration or even substantial damage to fleets and properties.

We’ve put together Winter Freeze Video Guide which outlines the steps you can take to prepare your moving or storage business for snow and freezing conditions this winter.

Plan ahead

Keep a watchful eye on the weather reports and make sure your severe weather emergency response plan is up to date. If it’s been a while since you checked your plan now might be a good time for a review. Make sure all of your staff have copies of and are familiar with the plan and if necessary arrange extra training, especially for new employees.

Do you have plentiful stocks of antifreeze, salt, grit, sandbags etc? Are your staff fully equipped with cold weather clothing and kit? Be ready for all weather eventualities by checking all of your equipment and tools are on hand and working before the cold weather sets in.

Business properties can be vulnerable to snow and ice which means you need to make sure your maintenance checks are up to date, Set up a rota for staff to regularly inspect your external areas, buildings, electrical and water systems.

When freezing conditions arrive

If your emergency plans are in place then you should be prepared for most weather related problems. Monitor the severe weather updates regularly and make sure emergency stocks are replenished.

Maintain regular building inspection rotas to look out for equipment and system blockages from snow and ice build-up. Keep access roads, pathways and working areas clear of deep snow and ice. If the freezing conditions set in for a few days remember to check vulnerable areas overnight and at the weekends.

When it’s over

Once the thaw sets in it’s time to clean up, inspect any damage and take the necessary actions to repair and replenish. If any emergencies or incidents occurred during the bad weather are there any learnings you can take from your responses and communications and add them to your plan for next time?

Don’t get caught out by snow and ice, download the full checklist here ››

* Source QBE European Operations