First Aid Training Day

On the 22nd of May, seven members of our team attended a First Aid Training Day in our offices at Runway East.

For one day, the meeting room was transformed into a first-aid training ground where Рsurrounded by body parts (plastic) and Annie dolls РJacob Dolan, Graeme Beaty, James Taylor, Debbie Jackson, Jo Dalley, Rebecca Maude, and Dawn Pughe-Jones learned essential first-aid skills.

Our Chairman, John Luker, offered the optional training day for staff after reading an article that described how a ‘passer-by’ assisted when a person collapsed in the street. He realised if he were in a similar situation, he would not be of any help. Having previously attended a first aid course with James at Square Lemon Training, Executive Assistant Tracey Rowland invited them to run a group session. “James’ knowledge and confidence inspired me, so he was the perfect choice to guide our team through this crucial training,” explained Tracey.

Throughout the day, our colleagues gained practical knowledge on how to handle various emergencies, including bleeding, burns, and performing CPR. The training was not just informative, but hands-on, equipping everyone with the practical skills needed to respond effectively in a crisis.

The day was a huge success, with everyone walking away feeling confident and ready to act should they encounter a first aid need. Even Graeme, who has a phobia of needles, was full of praise for the course: “For many years, I’ve seen first aid training on offer, but for various reasons, I’ve never got around to doing it. As somebody who regularly needs picking up from the floor or oxygen when they see needles, I think that I’ve also been uncomfortable about it. Today, I bit the bullet and did it, and I feel truly glad that I did.”

The training day reminded us of the importance of first aid knowledge in our everyday lives. We are proud of our colleagues who took the initiative to learn these life-saving skills and are confident they will use their new found knowledge!