How to Handle a Customer’s Goods Claim

Moving and storing a customer’s belongings is a delicate responsibility, and despite your best efforts, there may be instances where a customer needs to make a claim.

Whether you operate under a deregulated insurance model or have chosen enhanced liability or self-insurance, knowing how to effectively handle a customer’s goods claim is crucial. In this guide, Reason Global’s Paul Norris provides invaluable insights into managing claims with professionalism and empathy.

The guide also covers essential topics, from prompt responses and claim initiation to documentation requirements and the importance of not admitting liability prematurely. By following these best practices, you can ensure a smoother claims process, maintain positive customer relationships, and protect your business’s reputation.

How to handle a Customer's Goods claim

Our Guide to Handling a Customer’s Goods Claim

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At Reason Global, our brokers and claims handlers take pride in assisting our clients on any claims they may receive to ensure the process is as painless as possible. Get in touch to learn more.