IAM / ILN Regional Meeting takes place in Belfast

Ahead of the B.A.R Conference in Belfast, the International Association of Movers had its regional meeting for members.

Attendees from all over the world met in Belfast for networking and an update of various initiatives, including the now fully enrolled RPP program for core and governing members and the unveiling of IAM Here2Help.   This is a new non‐profit entity, designed to serve as a connection point to organizations including governments, globally focused charities, and other NGOs that require private sector transportation, warehousing, and logistical support in the event of a humanitarian crisis or natural disaster anywhere in the world.

Over the two days, the senior IAM team welcomed attendees and discussed the various issues affecting the industry and how IAM members can help each other.   There was also in-depth presentation and discussion of the recently launched ILN (IAM Logistics Network).   This was to raise awareness of the network, which was put together following the realisation of how many IAM members have diversified in to activities outside of household goods moving.

Overall, feedback from attendees was good and many of the members stayed on as invited guests to the B.A.R Conference afterwards, actively taking part in business sessions as well as networking with UK industry colleagues.