IAM Presentation: Cyber Risks – A Global Threat

Does Cyber really pose a threat to the Moving & Storage Industry? What are the consequences of a Cyber incident and what is the Insurance industry doing to help reduce exposure?

In October Reason Global attended the IAM 54th IAM Annual Meeting & Expo in New Orleans and presented these important questions to an audience of representatives from the Moving and Storage industries. In recent years, cyber attacks have emerged as one of the most significant threats facing organisations of all sizes. Digital technology has transformed the business world and whilst it has opened up a world of new opportunities it has created risks that were non-existent less than a decade ago. Our presentation illustrated how cyber risks can impact on the Moving and Storage Industries with real-life case studies.

Charles L White, CAE, M.Ed. Senior Vice President of International Association of Movers said: “The International Association of Movers (IAM) would like to thank Malcom Pearson and Daniel Reynolds for the excellent presentation they provided to the attendees of the 2016 IAM Annual Meeting. As presenters on IAM’s Claims & Risk Management Panel, the pair from Reason Global Insurance delivered a very timely update on the current Cyber Risk environment for businesses. Very few organizations within the relocation field have a very deep understanding of the daily risks organizations face with regard to cyber intrusion. Malcolm and Daniel brought that message home in a very neat and concise fashion and offered up ways that Reason Global can help its customers address this real threat to their businesses. The session was one of the most highly attended during the convention and the feedback from the attendees showed they were very thankful for the information that the duo provided.”

You can download our presentation ‘Cyber Risk – A Global Threat’ here ››

The 54th IAM Annual Meeting was billed as the second largest ever, with more than 1800 attendees and exhibitors. The event is featured in the Sept/Oct issue of The Portal Magazine.