Lloyd’s Ratings

The ratings stated below are independent opinions of Lloyd’s financial strength and ability to meet its ongoing insurance policy and contract obligations. Lloyd’s currently enjoys an A+ rating from Standard & Poor’s, AA- from Fitch and A from A.M. Best.

Why is Lloyd’s rated as a market?

All Lloyd’s syndicates benefit from Lloyd’s central resources, including the Lloyd’s brand, its network of global licences and the Central Fund. The Central Fund is available at the discretion of the Council of Lloyd’s to meet any valid claim that cannot be met by the resources of any member. As all Lloyd’s policies are ultimately backed by this common security, a single market rating can be applied to all syndicates post-1992.

Syndicate Ratings

As well as the market ratings, rating agencies also apply a range of other measures at a syndicate level. In general, Lloyd’s is not supportive of the rating of individual syndicates. All syndicates benefit from the strength of the Lloyd’s brand, the global licence network and a wide range of other central activities carried out on behalf of the market.

All policies written from 1993 at Lloyd’s are backed by security that is partially mutualised via the Central Fund. Lloyd’s believes that attempting to differentiate between syndicates by assigning individual financial strength ratings is not a meaningful analytical approach.