Love is in the air

The wedding season has well and truly started. As our Senior Broker Georgie Fisk arrives back from her amazing stateside honeymoon, the team are tuning into James Radmall, our Senior Account Handler who’s counting down the hours to his Big Day.

A ‘walking on air’ Georgie confides:
“I know people often say this but honestly it was the best day of my life so far and a 3-week honeymoon was the icing on the cake!”. Her advice to James “Make sure to take a few moments just the two of you as the day rushes past so quickly”

Meanwhile, James is fully ready. He’s taken care of every detail and as we’d expect, he knows exactly how he wants things to run. 
“I’m so excited about marrying the woman of my dreams yet the nerves are building and I can’t explain why. I want everything to run smoothly for my beautiful family and I am super proud of our 10-year-old son who is delivering his own speech!”

Huge congratulations to both couples!