Reason Global are a Zero to Landfill Waste Company

Did you know 50% of the waste of small businesses in the UK is composed of paper? Also, packaging from your supermarket bought lunches and takeaways makes up 1/3 or more of our rubbish?

At Reason Global, we’ve recently taken an important step to reduce our office waste by launching a full zero to landfill waste recycling scheme with the Brighton-based total waste management company Paper Round.

Paper Round are an ethical waste and recycling company, founded by Friends of The Earth back in the 1980s with a view to solving London’s Paper crisis, since then they have expanded their business across the Southeast.

Working with Paper Round, we look forward to making significant reductions on our environmental footprint. In short everything we recycle will be collected and where possible will be turned back into a new product, including:

  • All of our shredded paper will be recycled and converted into 100% recycled paper (which we can buy back and re-use)
  • Mixed recycling will be turned back into recycled products like drinks cans and plastic bottles.
  • All food waste put into our food waste caddy will be converted into biogas and bio fertiliser.
  • Our general waste will be transferred to an ‘energy from waste’ facility in South-East London where it is used to generate electricity for local homes.

Office Manager, Tracey Rowland who is leading the initiative with the help of our Admin team, said: “We are delighted to have achieved our team ambition of operating a zero to landfill office waste programme. In the first quarter, we’ve recycled a total of 300kg with CO2 savings of 340kg. That’s a whopping 1kg per week of recycling per employee. And the best news – we’ve reached our first quarter target of 1 TREE SAVED!”

Now even the office banana skins have a new life!