BSUH Trust

Reason Global makes it better for patients & staff at BSUH NHS Trust

In April and May 2017 the Reason Global Head Offices underwent a refurbishment and furniture upgrade, but not wanting to waste perfectly decent office furniture that we no longer needed we decided to donate them to a worthwhile cause.

We are delighted to announce that our donation of office furniture including desks, chairs, locked cupboards, and much more, have now been dispersed across BSUH NHS Trust including Neurophysiology at Hurstwook Park, the Estates team, the BSUH Charity team, and the Diabetes team.

As the NHS prioritises spending core government funding on clinical equipment and facilities, receiving upgraded office furniture is a true gift – especially for those who work more behind the scenes in caring for patients.

We were delighted to hear that within minutes of our first delivery one of our filing cabinets was being used in the Maternity ward and Charity Director, Sarah Tasker was delighted to receive the most modern chair she’s had since her appointment!

Sarah raved; “Ensuring office areas are well-equipped allows teams on the front-lines to concentrate their energy on providing excellent care for patients. The donation from Reason Global was such a help!”

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