Reason Global Staff Volunteer for Macmillan Cancer Support

In April 2015 Office Manager Tracey Rowland ran the Brighton marathon for Reason Global’s nominated charity Macmillan Cancer Support. Tracey’s impressive achievement helped raise over £800 of our fundraising target of £5000 to support the build of a new Macmillan Horizon centre in East Sussex.

Consequently, Tracey and a number of Reason Global team members were invited to see the project build from it’s infancy to the finished centre, which opened in April 2016. She was so inspired by being involved the project she decided she wanted to do more to help people with cancer locally and in the surrounding area and as a qualified Pilates Instructor she volunteered to take a weekly Pilates class for centre visitors.

“Sadly, like most people, I have had many friends and family over the years who have been affected by cancer. It has been very rewarding and humbling to work with the team at the centre and those attending the classes. We have a chatty class and one of my favourite things is when they support each other with words of comfort, suggestions how to make life a bit easier and we try to have a bit of fun too,” said Tracey.

“From the very start of our supporting of Macmillan Tracey led the way with her enthusiasm and commitment,” says Malcolm Pearson. “Macmillan often told us that it’s not just about money, but also giving the brand publicity wherever possible and giving up time to assist with volunteer work.  When Tracey asked if she could take time to deliver these classes during the day, we were only too happy to accommodate as she clearly enjoys being able to do so.”

Interested in Helping?

To find out more about volunteering at the Macmillan Horizon centre or to make a donation, click here.