Making Marine Insurance Simple

Simplifying Marine Insurance with Reason Global’s Portal

Over its two-decade existence, our Marine Insurance Portal has continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of our clients. It is one of our proudest achievements and demonstrates our commitment to maintaining a personal relationship with our clients and making insurance simple.

In this episode of our ‘Making Insurance Simple’ video series, Reason Global’s co-founder and Chairman John Luker, Managing Director Malcolm Pearson, and Janet Cole explain how it was developed specifically to address the increasing regulatory demands, saving time and effort for our moving industry clients across the globe.

An Automated Online Solution to Marine Insurance

Previously, moving companies would be required to complete physical certificates for each shipment, a labour-intensive process, especially for businesses handling multiple monthly shipments. Reason Global’s Marine Insurance Portal revolutionised this process by offering Movers an automated online solution to marine insurance that reduced the considerable amounts of manual paperwork required to issue certificates, complete the necessary documentation, and ensure the insurance coverage required. The portal quickly took off.

“When we set the marine insurance portal up. I don’t think we knew how successful it would be. It was going to be a case of seeing how people adapted to it, but it only took six to 12 months for us to realise the power of the solution and how great it was for clients.”

John Luker – Chairman and Founder of Reason Global Insurance

User-Friendly and Efficient

A large part of the Marine portal’s success is in the user-friendly interface and efficient features, including a quotation form for generating premiums based on shipment details and the ability to add extensions for storage easily. Users also can create their own reports of shipments booked rather than always having to request them. Another notable feature is the ‘Holiday Cover’ option, allowing clients to assign an alternative email address to receive certificates, ensuring seamless operations even while they’re away.

Dedicated Support

Still, insurance is a people business, and while the portal gives clients a lot more autonomy and control, queries still arise. That’s why we have a dedicated marine portal team, led by Janet Cole, to answer any questions about the portal, whether providing reassurance about a quote or helping with errors on certificates.


Want to Know More?

If you would like to know more about our Marine Insurance Portal, our dedicated team will be happy to help. Get in touch to learn more.