Reason Global, worldwide specialists in Self-Storage insurance, has created protection for your business and your customers.

As Lloyd’s of London’s only broker specialising solely in Self-Storage, Reason Global have in consultation with the Self-Storage Association Asia’s (SSAA) legal representatives devised a solution for operators to protect their businesses; by insuring against claims for damages from customers. This solution has been approved by the SSAA’s legal representatives as being legal and compliant in Hong Kong and Singapore. From this work, an addendum to the SSAA licence agreement has been produced that enables you to agree limited responsibility for your customers’ goods in store. You are not selling insurance and this is made clear.

Business Protection – the real business benefits to operators

  • The Policy will deal with any customers that have had goods damaged. We therefore help you protect your reputation.
  • The Policy covers your legal liability – usually where your customer does not have insurance but pursues a claim against you. Insurers will defend the claim and save you from paying legal fees and associated costs to respond. You may be legally liable to customers for damage to their property if it is agreed you were negligent. Although the risk of being legally liable can appear to be low, your customer may wish to pursue you and take you to court. Insurers will deal with customers and their lawyers in these circumstances.
  • The Policy protects your business from errors and omissions claims – such as genuine mistakes under rights to lien when selling or disposing of customers goods. Insurers handle the dispute and deal with your customer.
  • We can help advise you on best practice to obtain a valuation of goods stored from every customer, ensuring good protection should there be dispute in terms of value of goods stored. This means you also know your potential maximum liability at any one time. We therefore help you manage and know your risk.
  • The Policy covers personal and business customers and can include alcohol and document archive storage.

Income Generation – Optional extra income from providing an extra service

  • Our licence agreement addendum method of protecting you and your customers enables you to charge extra weekly/monthly fees.
  • What you charge is flexible but you may wish to set a standard charge based on the unit size
  • Fully flexible for you to use in negotiations with clients for overall rental agreements
  • Average charges for agreeing responsibility via licence agreement addendums around the world in the self-storage industry can constitute between 10% and 15% of overall business revenue for the operator.


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What Our Clients Say

“"Insurance is complicated so trusting an external organisation is vital but also fraught with dangers. The approach by the Reason Global team meant that I did not have these concerns and I know they provided value for money."”

- Mango Storage

What Our Clients Say

“"For over 10 years Reasons Global have acted as our insurance provider. They continuously deliver value, expertise, superior personal service and display an in-depth understanding of the self-storage industry’s requirements. I would warmly recommend them without hesitation."”

Aidan O’Brien - Storageworld

What Our Clients Say

“Reason Global have taken the time to understand our business and have tailored the insurance to our needs. The level of customer service is second to none.”

- Access Self-Storage

What Our Clients Say

“Working together in a Self-Storage association we are all competitors, but we feel the insurance program for our competitors is a “hygiene” factor for the complete industry. The reason we stared to work with Reason Global Insurance was because of the extensive experience and track record of their team within the self-storage sector. We looked at local alternatives that possibly could have been easier to communicate with our members locally, however the experience and track record is extremely important for us. A high percentage of SSSA member companies are using Reason Global’s customers goods insurance solution, because of Reason Global’s experience in this sector, their know how and because it is insurance ideally designed for our industry.”

Michael Fogelberg - President / Swedish Self Storage Association

What Our Clients Say

“City Self-Storage are using the insurance service of Reason Global Insurance in most of the countries that we are currently present in. The ability to tailor the service to local legislations, the flexibility and speed of the representatives of the company, and not least the quality of the service that provides customers peace of mind at any time, have made the co-operation with Reason Global Insurance a really easy choice for City Self-Storage. We greatly recommend this service to any operator who cares for their customers.”

- City Self-Storage Europe

What Our Clients Say

“Reason Global support us in a way we have not found in any other company in our country. Despite the geographical differences, contact is always fast and easy, documentation clear and we have always been strongly supported when negotiating covers on our behalf.”

Andrea Spalla - Selfeasy SRL

What Our Clients Say

“Reason Global always provide responses to our queries in a timely and professional way and no query is too small”

- J & R Self-Storage

What Our Clients Say

“We have been using Reason Global for a year now. We are really satisfied with their service, and it has provided great value to our customers.”

- OK Minilager

What Our Clients Say

“Pelican Self Storage has been cooperating with Reason Global for several years within the Nordics. The support and assistance provided by Reason Global has been very beneficial for us in terms of setting up the entire insurance flow and training our site staff. In all aspects we have been very satisfied with the service provided by Reason Global.”

Allan Agerskov - Pelican Self-Storage

What Our Clients Say

“Over the last 5 years, the moving side of our company has gradually evolved away from moving in to a more storage focused operation with minimal transit requirements. Over this period, Reason Global have been invaluable in guiding us through our insurance requirements as our business model and client base has expanded and changed, assisting us in ensuring the very best and most appropriate cover for our clients.”

Daniel Levan-Harris - Director - Mango Storage

What Our Clients Say

“Reason Global have provided us with a great service for a number of years. The team obviously have a comprehensive knowledge of the self-storage industry and are very willing to provide advice when required. We would wholeheartedly recommend Reason Global.”

Will McCullagh - Vanguard Holdings Ltd

What Our Clients Say

“We have insured our business with Reason Global for a number of years and last year we opened a new site.  During this development they worked closely with us to understand exactly what we required and delivered a very professional service. Great customer service throughout the year.”

Sandra Thomas - Kent Space Ltd

What Our Clients Say

“Reason Global always give a professional and prompt, individually tailored service.”

Adams SelfStore LLP -

What Our Clients Say

“Great service and advice from experts in the industry. Highly recommended.”

Stuff Genie -