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The Importance of Deep Sea Liability Insurance

During the many moving conferences Reason Global have attended, we regularly meet movers who sometimes have not realised the importance of deep sea liability insurance.

Whilst we know that many experienced international movers are most likely to have these arrangements in place, we felt it may be helpful to outline again why it is so important that when purchasing your marine insurances, you always check that the policy contains both the Full All Risks Marine Insurance and Deep Sea Contractual Liability.

In an article for FIDI Focus in June 2014, we gave an example of a case where understanding the importance of deep sea liability insurance may have prevented a costly and unpleasant surprise for one international moving company.

Read ‘Avoiding the perils of the deep’ here ››

Fortunately, Reason Global offer completely flexible marine insurance cover in a variety of formats that are available to movers based anywhere in the world, at any time, via our dedicated on-line portal.

And, as with all our insurance packages, our marine insurance has the potential to generate significant revenue for your business while giving your customers an extra incentive to trust you with their valuable belongings.

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