Tracey - Marathon

Tracey Rowland Takes on the NYC Half Marathon

Reason Global’s Office Manager, Tracey Rowland has run many marathons and half marathons in the UK but fancied adding something special to her medal collection and ran the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon on 17th March.

Tracey joined the ranks of over 20,000 runners for fun and some ‘extreme sightseeing’ on a route that takes in the iconic streets of Manhattan. The course, starts at the northern entrance to Prospect Park, along Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, then across the Manhattan Bridge and along FDR Drive toward Times Square. The last five miles of the race take runners north toward Central Park, making a loop around the park before crossing the finish line at 75th Street.

Here Tracey answers our questions about her experience:

Who did you run with/train with?
Since my first marathon in 2011 my running buddy has been Matt, who doubles as my husband’s golfing buddy. He is a faster runner than me and puts up with a lot of “maranoia”. But then so do I!

How was your experience of running the NYC Half Marathon?
Incredibly well organised. It was extreme sight-seeing.

Any highlights – or low points?
No real low points. But my high points were seeing our partners Geoff and Jo in the crowd cheering us on and getting to talk to some amazing people en route.

Comment on crowds / atmosphere?
Some of the route had no spectators at all, but the banners were hilarious and the crowds at the end were phenomenal.

Would you do it again?
In a heartbeat

Well done Tracey for being such a great sport and going to extreme lengths to put in the miles!

NYC half marathon medal