Tracey runs the Brighton Marathon for Macmillan Cancer Support

Tracey Rowland from Reason Global Insurance completed the Brighton marathon on 12 April raising over £800 for Macmillan Cancer Support. This was both a personal achievement for Tracey and a significant contribution to the company’s commitment to Macmillan as its nominated charity.

The race took the runners along the iconic Brighton sea front on a day that was perhaps a little warm for some of the competitors. Tracey, however, said she enjoyed the race and put in a very creditable time of 4hrs 50min.

Tracey has been a keen runner for around five years and has now competed in five marathons: two in London and now three in Brighton. She runs all year covering around 15 miles in an average week. This, however, builds up to a much more exhausting 35 miles a week during the run up to a long distance event such as the marathon.

To help get herself ready for Brighton Tracey has been regularly training with the British Military Fitness team who have kept her focussed. “They are a great bunch,” she said. “They really helped me. I would like to thank them and all those people who sponsored me. I know that Macmillan will use the money wisely.”

It seems today that running a marathon has become commonplace. However anyone who has ever completed the distance will know that it is extraordinary difficult requiring dedicated training and absolute determination. It’s easy to watch the elite athletes and compare others to them. But the winners are gifted super humans. For mere mortals to complete such a distance is utterly remarkable, whatever time they post, and no matter how many people cross the finishing lines, it will always remain so.

Tracey Rowland 2015 Brighton Marathon

Tracey on completing her 26.2 miles for Macmillan

Congratulations Tracey. Although the race is now run, it’s still possible to make a donation. If you would like to do so, just email and she’ll tell you how.